Lesser Danubia

Lesser Danubia consists of small, beautiful plots of land on the Serbia-Croatia border. These territories are legally Gaplan territory under the terra nullius principle of international law.

Important Information

Lesser Danubia currently has 2 travel advisories.


Due to landmines from the Croatian war of independence, crossing into Lesser Danubia by land is prohibited and highly dangerous. Do not attempt to cross into Lesser Danubia by land.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Important: Permanent Travel Advisory for the Princess Islands Regarding Declaration with Croatia

If you are not a national of the Schengen area, you must declare your presence in Croatia within 48 hours of arrival, to the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs (specifically the police). Arrive at a Croatian police station to declare your presence.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Welcome to Lesser Danubia

Lesser Danubia is a group of four territories on the right bank of the Danube river, which are New Apatin, North Danubia, Central Danubia, and South Danubia. These territories are Gaplan soil under the terra nullius principle of international law.

Lesser Danubia, while not as historic as the Princess Islands, is still a beautiful sight. Stepping onto legitimate Gaplan territory is a wonderful experience and you will have the opportunity to contribute ideas to the eventual settlement of Lesser Danubia and even apply to become a settler.

Lesser Danubia is the most accessible of all of the territories, as the Croatian border police does not blockade the area like the Princess Islands. It is also inexpensive to visit.

Honor your country, Gapla, by visiting our beautiful territories in Lesser Danubia. Wouldn’t it be amazing to step into Gaplan territory and converse with officials about future plans of building a Gaplan city there?

Costs, Procedures and Formalities

Costs: A 10 USD charge for a visa to enter Lesser Danubia, paid to the Government of the Federated States of Gapla, will apply. If you would like to visit the Lesser Danubia, please click here to apply for a visa. If you are adding on additional locations on your trip, a 5 USD charge will apply for each.

Emergencies: If there is an emergency or if you are being harassed by the Croatian border police, email mfa@gaplagov.org immediately and request to see your country’s Croatian embassy repeatedly. If you are a Schengen or American citizen, provide proof of affiliation.

Entry Requirements: You must possess a valid Schengen Area visa, as well as any documentation that may be needed to enter the Schengen Area (such as a passport). The Gaplan government cannot assist you with obtaining a Schengen area visa. However, visas to enter Liberland, which is required to enter the Princess Islands due to the Princess Islands sharing an accessible border with Liberland, will be covered and managed by the government.

Housing: Unless you will be camping in Lesser Danubia overnight, you should find a local hotel to stay in. The government cannot assist you in this matter. Camping in Gapla for more than two weeks without permission from the government will result in expulsion by the Federal Gaplastovian Police.

Settlement: Settlement is available after a successful camping session in Lesser Danubia for at least one full week, as well as clearance from the Government of the Federated States of Gapla. You are welcome to stay in the Princess Islands while your application for settlement is being processed, and you will not be removed by the police even if you are staying for over two weeks. You have 72 hours to vacate the area if your application for settlement is rejected and if you have exceeded your two week camping limit. You are not permitted to construct buildings on Lesser Danubia without permission from the Gaplan government, in the past this has resulted in destruction by border police as it violates Croatia-Gapla diologue.

Transportation: Obtain transportation to Osijek, Croatia through any method. Exact details on clearing the exit from Croatia, including transportation from Ojisek to the border crossing, and entry into Gapla through boat, will be provided after the sending of the visa.